Minutes of the Village of Potter Board Meeting

September 12, 2018


The Village of Potter monthly board meeting was called to order by President Gary Lemke at 7:00 p.m. Rob Schoen excused. Others in attendance were:   Kristen Polifka, Dennis Gruett, Heather Gibler


Notation was made that proper posting had been carried out at the Potter Post Office, Potter Village Hall, Gruett’s and Village Website


Pledge of Allegiance was recited


Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved with amendments by Kristen Polifka seconded by Gary Lemke. Motion carried


Public Participation – None


Treasurer’s report was given by Dennis Gruett

August expense: $3,670.78

August income:  $10,196.15

Balance as of 9/01/18:  $86,325.79checking


The Potter Utility report was given by Dennis Gruett

August expense:  $3,212.31

August income:   $604.33

Balance as of 9/01/18:  $24,679.43 checking*

*$2,000 is for equipment replacement fund


Sanitary District report:

Review of water softener guidelines letter


Clerk’s Report given by Heather Gibler

Website updates, clerks meeting at county courthouse in October

Presidents Report given by Gary Lemke

League of municipalities convention, Letter regarding sale of property to church for raze orders, Title is now clear. Letter from East Central planning commission regarding technical assistance. WISLR program for road ratings will be filled out again this year.





No building permits were issued in the month


Discussion and approval of road work on County Rd. PP through the Village to begin in 2019. Total cost will be $167,539, County share will be $148,731, Village share will be $18,808. Motion by Gary Lemke, seconded by Kristin Polifka, motion carried


A brochure regarding water softener guidelines will be sent out to Village residents. Motion by Kristin Polifka, Seconded by Gary Lemke, motion carried


Board of review and open book meetings were reviewed. There were no concerns.


Hall cleaning contract was renewed with no changes. Motion by Kristin Polifka, seconded by Gary Lemke, motion carried.

Hall floor cleaning will be done by LB carpet Cleaning.


Standards for issuing operators licenses was tabled.


Vouchers were approved. Motion by Gary Lemke, Second by Kristin Polifka, Motion carried.


Motion to adjourn by Kristin Polifka, Second by Gary Lemke, Motion carried. Meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.