Board of Review
Jun 06, 2018
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Dog Licences
Nov 28, 2017
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Tax Payments
Nov 28, 2017
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Board Meeting Change
Feb 08, 2012
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Village of Potter

Welcome to the Village of Potter in Calumet County, Wisconsin.

The Village of Potter, a small rural community located in Calumet County in northeastern Wisconsin, is said to have been established near an old Native American village along the north branch of the Manitowoc River. Originally called Muskratville, what is now the Village of Potter was first to become a part of the Town of Rantoul known as Rantoul Centre. In the early 1860's our Village’s name was changed to Potter’s Mill. Potter gets its name from Orin R. Potter, an American Civil War Captain who made his home here, establishing a sawmill in 1859 and a lumberyard in 1860. While the face of Potter has changed over time, many family names from the early days are still present here today.

The Village of Potter is very fortunate to have the best of all things. We are a serene community of approximately 300 people, surrounded by agriculture & picturesque landscapes with amenities in nearby Brillion, in Chilton our county’s seat, and in Appleton, only a short drive away.  While many people may have to make a short drive to find work, there are still a substantial amount of jobs to be found in our small community. We have an Ag and Power Center on one end of the Village, a landscaping business, a lumberyard with building supplies, as well as two electrical contractors, a feed mill, two hair salons and a tavern on the other end of the Village.