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Code of Ordinances

List of all Village of Potter Ordinances
Ordinance 2018-1: Appoint Clerk/ Treasurer
Ordinance 2017-1: Sexual Offender Residency
Ordinance 2016-1: ATV and UTV use
Ordinance 1981-1: Establishing Village Board of Review
Ordinance 2015-1: Installation of Water Softener with DIR Controls
Ordinance 1981-2: Establishing Compensation for Village Officers and Trustees
Ordinance 1981-3: Restrict Unleashed Dogs within the Village Limits
Ordinance 1981-4: Forbid the Discharge of Firearms within the Village Limits
Ordinance 1981-5: Prohibiting Mobile Homes and the Moving of Pre-Existing Buildings within Village Limits
Ordinance 1981-6: Establishing a Building Permit System
Ordinance 1983-8: Floodplain Zoning Ordinance
Ordinance 1984-7: Joint Action Emergency Government
Ordinance 1984-8: Real Estate and Personal Property Tax collection dates
Ordinance 1986-9: Selection and Tenure of Village Clerk-Treasurer
Ordinance 1987-10: Public Nuisance
Ordinance 1991-1: Floodplain and Shoreland-Wetland Zoning
Ordinance 1993-11: Charter Ordinance Relating to Constable for the Village of Potter
Ordinance 1994-12: Recycling Program
Ordinance 1998-1: Collection of Utility/Electric/Water/Sewerage Charges
Ordinance 1: Sanitary District
Ordinance 2005-1: Snowmobiles
Ordinance 2005-2: Adoption of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code
Ordinance 2006-1: UDC Building Code
Ordinance 2006-2: Regulate Dogs and Other Animals
Ordinance 2006-3: Clearance in Public Spaces
Ordinance 2006-4: Open Burning
Ordinance 2006-5: Regulating Property Maintenance
Ordinance 2006-6: Recycling Compliance
Ordinance 2006-7: Payment of Taxes
Ordinance 2007-1: Adopt the Town of Rantoul and Village of Potter Year 2025 Comprehensive Plan
Ordinance 2008-1: Outdoor Burning Furnaces
Ordinance 2008-2: Annexing Territory
Ordinance 2008-3: Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
Ordinance 2009-1: Floodplain Zoning Ordinance
Ordinance 2009-2: Construction and Effect of Ordinances
Zoning Ordinance 2011-1
Zoning Ordinance Agreement 2011-1
Zoning Ordinance Map 2011-1